Monday, November 19, 2018


Strategypage tours the wreckage of modern Germany's military:

Nearly three decades defense spending cuts are causing Germany major problems that just keep getting worse. The latest example was the Defense Ministry admitting that most (61 percent) of major items (armor, aircraft, ships) “delivered” by German manufacturers are not ready for use but must undergo months of additional work (for upgrades and other modifications). Normally this would be an administrative problem that could be fixed by specifying the condition delivered systems must meet before accepted. But this latest humiliation was also part of an embarrassing and seemingly incurable problem; most German military units were not ready for combat or much else.

I've addressed the sad state of Germany's armed forces. Although in some ways such readiness stories are a surprise because it doesn't seem like Germany even has a military.

But what is really surprising in the Strategypage tour is how poor the equipment is, which defies Germany's industrial skill reputation. Their navy is simply the most shocking example of the ineptitude.

Germany really gets on my nerves. They are freeloaders in NATO's collective defense capabilities. And their drive to build a European Union military should be considered in light of Germany's poor performance providing a military for NATO. Germany will not contribute to a real military regardless of what flag it serves under--German, NATO, or EU. The Germans just want to move the money around and pretend that's progress.

And when called on their lack of a real military, the Germans play the Nazi card, which frustrates me to no end:

I keep reading that the Germans hate their militaristic past so much that they don't want to fight.

Let's try applying the clue bat to Germany's collective skull on this issue.

Conquering and setting up death camps under the shield of a powerful military? That's bad. By all means, don't do that.

Having a military capable of fighting death cult enemies or stopping the Russians from moving west? Well, that's a good thing. Try doing that.

What is wrong with modern Germany?