Friday, December 11, 2015

Air Poorer

We had them as enemies through two world wars where they fought well against us. Now that the Germans are our ally, they can't seem to put marching band into the field let alone a real military.

Oh good grief:

Germany’s air force is in bad shape. For years, its fighter planes have fallen into disrepair due to lack of spare parts, with the number of its flyable, operational warplanes now at one of its lowest points.

The friggin' bright side is that they should be able to manage to send six Tornado fighters to help battle ISIL.

In a non-kinetic role, of course.

One wonders if German air power could provide adequate support to their own army.

Oh wait. Never mind. What army?

You'll recall that Germany's army is small and unready to fight.

Germany pioneered mobile warfare backed by close air support. Now, both parts of that combination are atrophied.

I keep reading that the Germans hate their militaristic past so much that they don't want to fight.

Let's try applying the clue bat to Germany's collective skull on this issue.

Conquering and setting up death camps under the shield of a powerful military? That's bad. By all means, don't do that.

Having a military capable of fighting death cult enemies or stopping the Russians from moving west? Well, that's a good thing. Try doing that.