Monday, December 14, 2015

Must. Restrain. Fist. of. Death

How is it possible for people admitted to college to be this stupid?

Student protesters at Lebanon Valley College have managed to encapsulate everything outsiders see as wrong with the current campus "revolution": privileged students finding outrage in mundane things.

Students are demanding that (among other things) LVC administrators remove or modify the name of the "Lynch Memorial Hall" — not because the man it was named after was a racist, but because these students cannot handle the word "lynch."

I suggest the college rename the hall Bugger Yourself Memorial Hall.

These precious crybaby snowflakes should be in day care--not higher education.

And the so-called adults who cave in to their student tantrums deserve what they are getting.

Really, the quality of the institutions has declined along with the students. Where once universities were a great force in our society, where educated adults set an example for the country and whose advice was valued--now they are a joke with little respect shown to them:

Unremarked in the recent demonstrations at Princeton University demanding the removal of Woodrow Wilson's name from the university's school of public policy and international affairs is the fact that universities once played a major role in American politics. No better example would be Wilson himself, who rose from the leadership of Princeton to the governorship of New Jersey and then to the White House.

Nowadays, if universities play any role at all, it is as a foil for candidates deriding the excesses of political correctness or as objects of public indignation for the outlandish misbehavior of their athletes. In terms of political stature, the university today is not just a nullity; it is an absolute liability.

This is a scheduled post. I really hope that the Lynch hall crisis turns out to be a cut-and-paste from The Onion, or something. It's honestly hard to tell the difference between satire and actual leftism these days.

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