Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fight Them On the Ballot

Brexit will reduce your home value in Britain? Yes, and also your facial acne will increase and your beer will be served cold.


British house prices could fall by up to 18 percent if the country leaves the European Union, the Treasury says — a claim dismissed as scaremongering by campaigners for a U.K. exit from the bloc.

So the fans of the Brussels-based proto-empire of the European Union are promising that house prices will never drop if they are in charge? Really?

The pro EU crowd is moments away from this threat to the side that wants Britain to exit the EU (Brexit):


Vote Brexit on sight, vote Brexit first, Brexit to kill the EU, keep Brexiting.

Because given the history of "voting" about the EU, this could be Britain's only chance to avoid being strangled by the Brussels bureaucracy built on ever-expanding cheese regulations.

How can the British fail to take this opportunity to get out while they can before a Brezhnev Doctrine in Brussels makes it the EU Empire's policy that nobody gets to leave--ever?

Well, the European Union isn't the first continental entity to believe Britain would be stronger in Europe.

In reality, Britain is stronger in NATO. I admit I'm biased. I think NATO and not the EU is the basis for our security interests.

But considering how long Britain and America have shared this interest, I find it nonsense that the British prime minister claims leaving the EU will harm Britain's security by making Europe less stable:

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned during a speech Monday that Britain would raise the risk of war if it chooses to leave the European Union in a referendum vote scheduled for later this year.

These Euro commissars-in-waiting really believe that the people of Europe are at fault for Europe's history of warfare and it is up to Euro royalty to end their bloodthirsty peasant ways:

The elites are pretending that the public is bloodthirsty and that only erasing democracy in a smothering European bureaucracy can prevent future bloodshed.

Imagine that, the Europeans looked to their past, noticed that the rulers of Europe often rallied their publics into repeated wars against each other and the rest of the world, and concluded that the key failure in this is their own public that failed to stop the leaders! Never mind that it was the leadership that led Europe to fight. I just want to know how putting an elite that has been prone to war back in complete charge will end European wars? Isn't this recreating the Europe of divine right rulers that created the bloody swath that Europeans cut across the globe?

I hope the British vote to exit the EU. June 23, 2016 could yet be Britain's finest hour.

UPDATE: The EU is not in America's interest any more than it is in Britain's interest to join that multi-ethnic empire.

UPDATE: There is a dull alternative to the European Union that doesn't involve impoverishing the country that forged the path to modern prosperity with industrialization. Join the European Economic Area.