Saturday, May 07, 2016

Movie Night

I saw Captain America: Civil War with Lamb last night.

It was supposed to be a group movie night with friends from her orchestra club. The main question was--in a good-natured way--whether I'd do anything too dad-like that would embarrass her.

I suppose I didn't help when I suggested I'd tell her friends that I normally don't go out Friday nights since that is my usual time for cleaning and servicing my firearms.

Anyway, I did not embarrass her as she talked to some of her friends when we arrived at the theater.

But that was all moot--as was how far away I'd sit--since I was the only one to buy tickets in advance of the first Friday of the movie debut, and so we were the only people who had tickets for the 7:20 show. Dad points for planning ahead.

So I didn't have to inspire fear in any young lad perhaps too smitten with my daughter.

Oh, and the movie was good. Lamb really enjoyed herself despite the group thing falling apart. She was Team Iron Man from the start and didn't understand why I would not commit until I knew what they were fighting for.

The movie was entertaining. Black Widow was hot, as usual. I'm going to have to give Ant Man a second look. And just who is that floating artificial red man, anyway? Man, I really don't know the whole Marvel universe, it seems.

Perhaps just a few too many quips that edged into distraction territory from amusing, in my opinion.

We left at the end of the movie while the entire audience sat waiting for clues for future movies in end credits. Any clue would have been lost on me and Lamb said she would just check You Tube later.

And early on I came down on the side of Team Captain America. They had me at UN agreement.