Saturday, May 21, 2016

So Why Waste Our Time and Money All Along?

The Left spent a long time going on about "potty parity" to balance the wait times for using a public bathroom that because of male privilege or something allowed men to cycle through "our" bathrooms more quickly and thus leave women standing in lines longer to get in.

But now the Left says all that agitation was pointless (and possibly evil) because gender is not a simple manner and so anybody should be able to go anywhere they feel like?

It's always something to be suddenly outraged about with these people (tip to Instapundit).

Because ... science!

The really amusing thing about this bathroom crisis is that this is from the same people who go on about "why do they hate us?" after a jihadi mass murder, assuming it is something America has done, without any awareness that this bathroom issue is exactly the kind of thing that jihadis will hate us all the more for doing.

Not that we should care that jihadis hate that we are different (or that we do admirable things like freeing Moslems), which gives them ample reasons to hate us.

But the Left goes on about how we provoke Islamists all the time, you must admit. Why isn't this bathroom issue on the list of things we should not do--like free speech, sadly enough--because it angers Islamists?

I honestly hope that if the Left wins this latest outrage battle that lots of men descend on women's rooms by claiming they think they are women.

Give them what they want--good and hard--eh?