Saturday, May 07, 2016

I Have to Say I'm With NAM On This

Americans can collect damages from Iran for Iran's foreign policy. This is a mistake.

The Supreme Court made a large error in allowing victims of Iranian attacks to gain access to Iranian assets. And other nations are protesting:

The 120-nation Nonaligned Movement headed by Iran accused the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday of violating international law by ruling that nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets can be paid to victims of attacks linked to the country.

It is the job of the American government to protect us from foreign threats and deal with helping victims of such attacks--not the court system's job.

Sure, in an age of nuclear outreach to Iran it may seem like we can't count on our government to protect us or deal with Iran's support for terrorism, but that is a reason to change our government and not to change our basis for dealing with threats.

Just because our president likes to legislate from the executive branch is no reason to let our judges carry ouy foreign policy.

How soon will it be before America is sued for completely legal actions our troops take overseas?

I dare say our allies will wage lawfare on America with far more enthusiasm and skill than they bring to bear on ISIL these days.

I'll bet Doctor's Without Borders would be first in line to go after our deep (well, deep enough with borrowing) pockets, twisting mistakes into war crimes and convincing those who hate us anyway to consider normal acts of war as crimes against humanity.