Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Then What Exactly Was She Doing?

If, as her defenders claim, Hillary Clinton had no sensitive information on her private server emails during her tenure as secretary of state of the United States of America, just what was she doing in that job other than racking up frequent flyer miles?

Did President Obama simply cut Secretary Clinton out of the loop and keep her out of his way with busy-work?

UPDATE: Really, the only way it is possible for the president himself to be unaware of Hillary's private email system as he claims would be if he really had no direct contact with her, where he would see the non government email address.

And that would only be possible if he really didn't need her because he bypassed the State Department in favor of his own national security staff.

Which wouldn't be shocking when you consider how bitterly Obama and Clinton fought the 2008 primary contest. I always had the feeling that President Obama simply figured it was safer to have Hillary in his tent pissing out as Secretary of State than the reverse out in the world on her own.

As for what she was doing? Well, breaking the law. Remember, the private server is the smoking gun.