Monday, May 16, 2016

Pretty Damning, You Must Admit

I find it hilarious that Democrats on the left like to bash Trump supporters as "poorly educated."

Given that many of these Trump supporters being insulted have high school degrees bestowed by the most reliably Democratic constituency in the country--unionized public school teachers--isn't it rather damning of the public school system that a high school diploma is now considered a mark of being poorly educated rather than a sign of being ready to take your place as an adult in our world, as it once was?

I still remember a couple decades ago honoring a teacher of the year (in my past job) with a tribute. The teacher provided two pages of closely spaced achievements which except for one were all examples of union activity rather than teaching. That was pretty damning, I think.

And here we are with the "poorly educated" working class choosing poorly. Who failed our country, really?

I know that's how Trump unwisely (not that it hurt him) described this segment of his supporters, but the Left embraced the description, now didn't it?

Although the Left celebrates the support of the non-working poor who support their side, you must admit, without mocking educational levels certainly no better.

As I've said, I can't stand Trump--almost, but not nearly as much as I can't stand Clinton or Sanders.

But I have nothing but sympathy for people who have turned to Trump in frustration over conventional politicians. I think these Trump supporters are mistaken in pinning their hopes on Trump, but they are right that things have to change.