Thursday, May 19, 2016

WMD in Iraq

We nailed an ISIL leader in Iraq who is involved in chemical weapons development. There are more.

We killed a couple of high value ISIL leaders. Huh:

Abu Sufyan, was "responsible for staging chemical attacks in the Euphrates River Valley."

Pressed on the nature of those attacks, Warren replied that "on the chem side, you know, this is a threat that we're aware of and that we've taken into account."

"We've certainly reported out that, I mean, it's not new that this enemy has used chemical weapons.

It's so odd. A terrorist group with a proto-state can work on chemical weapons.

Assad's forces have used chemical weapons despite an agreement with them to get rid of their chemical weapons.

Yet somehow, Saddam's Iraq which maintained the human and physical infrastructure to produce chemical weapons and had stockpiles of raw materials to restart production was not a WMD threat and declarations that they were amounted to "lies" that eliminated justifications to go to war with Saddam's regime in 2003.

Life is funny.