Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rebuild the Laboratories of Democracy

Jonah Goldberg writes that to unify our country we have to stop fighting over every Goddamn contentious issue at the national level:

What would be so terrible about letting diverse communities decide how they want to live and spend their tax dollars? The culture wars would still rage, but at least the winners would have to look the losers in the eye. As it stands now, the federal government, mostly through unelected judges and bureaucrats, thinks it can best determine how more than 300 million people should live. The cure for powerlessness is power, not ceding even more of it to Washington. This is the only way to cut the Gordian knot choking our politics, and the best path forward for opponents of statism — in all parties.

Do read it all.

I heartily agree because I've been going on about this for a long time on this blog.

All the campaign finance "reforms" that try to get money out of politics ignore that by making politics at the national level such a vital battle to win because it will decide the issue for all 300+ million of us, money will find a way despite whatever laws we put in place.

Lawyers for the powerful will always find a way around the latest restrictions.

Hence the Clinton Foundation, for example.

Come on! Why is the federal government so powerful in housing? 

How much more local can you get?

Glenn Reynolds has other reasons just as good to decentralize our country by reversing the accumulation of power in Washington, D.C.

So roll back the expanding reach of our federal government for the good of our country. That federal power and the fight to control it is poisoning the nation.