Sunday, May 08, 2016


Excuse me while I pound my forehead into my wall for a few minutes.

Okay, let's proceed:

When Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees proved too steep for one public university last year, school officials reached for a less expensive alternative: her daughter, Chelsea. ...

Rather than paying that much, UMKC opted to pay Chelsea $65,000 for a brief appearance in February 2014.

With all due respect to the young Clinton, how on Earth can anything she has to say be worth $65,000?

Obviously, it's just a legally structured bribe to the Clinton family little different than saying to a Clinton, "Oh look, did you drop this bag of unmarked cash laying on the floor between us? Because it certainly isn't mine!"

For all that I go on about fostering rule of law in places like Iraq or wherever we need to promote our interests, America is not immune to the problems of an assault on rule of law by corruption that bends rules for the connected.

Paying Chelsea to speak is one of the (cheaper) ways to get connected. This has to be stopped.

UPDATE: Don't worry about the investors in Chelsea's husband's Greek investment fund who have lost their shirts.

Really, they were buying access to the Clinton machine, and any monetary benefit is expected to come from anyplace but Greece.

UPDATE: This is late, but related:

In most cases, news that a major presidential candidate’s family charity doled out millions to a for-profit company controlled by the candidate’s longtime friends would be raising lots of eyebrows.

But this is Bill and Hillary we’re talking about. So it’s just the latest in a long list of disclosures about the slush fund that operates publicly as the Clinton Foundation.

The foundation is deeply intertwined with the massive wealth they’ve accumulated in the past 15 years — even as its donors have themselves reaped enormous benefits.

So really, buying a speech from Chelsea? to gain access to Hillary! and Bill* is a good return on investment.