Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thank You Yahoo! This is Much Worse

I hate it when a web site becomes less valuable. Like Yahoo news.

This was my basic source for news. Go to the world section and you used to be able to then go to specific regions for news. So I'd go to the Middle East. Or Asia. Or wherever, to scan the stories of the day from those regions.

Yahoo news no longer has that refinement. Now it is just a blob of world news as the Yahoo site defines it. Which currently highlights a pregnant teenager who contracted the Zika virus.

I mention this because earlier I saw an article on the fighting in Iraq, but it is gone now. Browsing for it is not possible now. Sure, I can search for it because I know it exists, but how many stories do I miss now?

Just what was the point of getting rid of the ability to focus on geographic regions?