Monday, April 25, 2016

Britain Stronger in Europe?

Britain is stronger in Europe? Let's bring out the celebrity endorsers!

The pro-European Union forces in Britain have brought in President Obama to persuade the British to vote to remain in the EU when they choose in the June referendum:

Campaigners to keep Britain in the European Union, boosted by a visit from U.S. President Barack Obama, seem to be winning the air war in the media, but they could yet lose the crucial ground war to bring out the vote.

With opinion polls showing the Remain camp has a slender lead two months before polling day, and many people still undecided, turnout will be decisive in the June 23 referendum.

The pro-EU side has chosen the slogan, "Britain stronger in Europe."

Many in the past would agree.

Philip II portrait by Titian.jpg

Britain stronger in Europe.

Britain stronger in Europe!

Britain stronger in Europe!

Britain stronger in Europe!

Britain stronger in Europe!

Not, I hasten to add for those eager to take offense, that I'm comparing our president in any way to past dictators who wanted to absorb Europe into their continental empires. President Obama has his own reasons for siding with the Remain campaign and threatening Britain if they dare resist absorption, I'm sure, which have nothing to do with conquest obviously.

My point is that Britain has a long history of resisting efforts from the continent to subjugate and dominate Britain.

Why is the European Union to be welcomed just because the Brussels-based proto-empire has substituted a mind-numbing array of expanding cheese and other regulations for infantry, and expensive shoes for combat boots as the means to absorb Britain?

I am horrified that an American president believes that the EU is in our interest. It is not. Europeans can be our friends. Europe as a political entity will not be our friend.

I am just as horrified that the British are leaning toward thinking they benefit from the EU by bending the knee to this alien entity.

June 23, 2016 could yet be Britain's finest hour.

UPDATE: I don't think Britain is stronger in Europe, but apparently Britain is strongly in Europe regardless of what the voters decide in June:

The government will also be faced with a critical technical decision: How to leave. There are no precedents for doing this and contingency planning has been forbidden both in London and Brussels. On this point, as on others, there is no agreement among the Leave campaigners.

The European Union enmeshed Britain in the tentacles of Europe so thoroughly that the legal path for exit is unclear to even supporters of Brexit.

The Brezhnev Doctrine relied on tanks to keep the Soviet empire in line. Brussels relies on regulations so dense that armies of lawyers will have trouble cutting them all.

UPDATE [Shame on me for forgetting the Spanish Armada!]