Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let's Thank Goodness We Didn't Make Syria Worse

President Obama is concerned about violence in Syria:

U.S. President Barack Obama said during a visit to Germany on Sunday that he was "deeply concerned" about a surge in violence in Syria, where government forces have stepped up bombing of rebel-held areas around the strategic city of Aleppo.

Speaking after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a 17th century palace near the northern city of Hanover, Obama spoke of a "tragic humanitarian crisis" in Syria and said he continued to believe in a political solution to the fighting there.

I think we can all be relieved that we didn't "militarize" the conflict 300,000 dead ago when Assad was on his heels and when Putin wouldn't have dared intervene on Assad's side.

But what the heck, what's a little more militarization at this point?

President Barack Obama said Monday the US would send up to 250 more special forces and other military personnel to Syria to help rebels fight the Islamic State group.

Not that I'm complaining. But my main concern in Syria is pinning down ISIL in Syria so they can't help the Iraq front as we help Iraqis defeat ISIL there.

I'm not in favor of defeating ISIL too early in Syria when it would just help Assad.

But if this pins ISIL in Syria and helps the non-jihadi rebels gain strength with the ultimate view of defeating Assad after destroying ISIL? I'm fine with that.