Saturday, April 02, 2016

When the Clue Bat Jars the Light Bulb On

Some European cities decided to cancel one high-profile aspect of this year's Rape Hour:

Earth Hour was a big deal when it was first held a decade ago. ...

This year was a little different. For a start, some Europeans cities decided against turning off their street lights due to what one official described as “recent events”. Explaining that “Earth Hour is a good and important arrangement”, Swedish politician AnnSofie Andersson nevertheless cancelled the usual lights-out ceremony in the city of Ostersund. “This year we chose to keep the streets lit because of the recent events.”

The recent events?

Eighteen years of flat global temperatures?

Two years of declining CO2 emissions?

Reduced fossil fuel prices that make anything but Peak Panic seem foolish?

Oh, "the recent events" of sexual assaults by criminals linked to recent Moslem migrant surges--who would have difficulty assimilating into a culture that thinks turning off lights for an hour is a big deal even if Islam didn't create--er, problematic--attitudes toward women and the enticing sight of ankle flesh.

Tip to Instapundit.