Friday, June 05, 2015

Are You Ready for Europe?

"Europe" will arrive--voters be damned.

Behold Euro-style democracy (tip to National Review Online):

Exactly ten years ago, the people of France voted, by 55 to 45 per cent, to reject the European Constitution. Their “Non” was followed, three days later, by an even more emphatic Dutch “Nee”: 62 to 38 per cent.

Across Europe, democrats let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that the federalist project had been definitively halted. For half a century, European integration had been pursued by the élites Рby diplomats and bureaucrats and lobbyists and bankers and politicians. Now, ordinary voters had finally been given their say, and they could hardly have made themselves clearer.

Ten years on, what has happened? Every single measure – every single measure – proposed by the European Constitution has been implemented: a European President, an EU foreign minister and diplomatic corps, legal personality and treaty-making powers for the EU, a “passerelle” clause to allow further integration without needing new treaties, more majority voting, fewer national vetoes, the whole hog – totus porcus.

Before the votes, I was pretty sure the outcome was already set since the Euro elites believe they are saving Europeans from themselves:

It will be bad for us and bad for Europeans if the Brussels bureaucrats gain power. Certainly, with the close calls that voting is providing for the EU, the EU won't make the mistake of letting that go on for long. I mean, when only the best and brightest in Brussels stands between peace and a populist-led holocaust, suppressing freedom will be a blessing, right?

After the French voted no, I still didn't think this was enough:

I suspect the EU elites will learn their lesson and they will work hard to make sure the French and Dutch votes are the last real votes there will ever be on the EU project.

No, not nearly enough to drive a stake in the brain of the Brussels zombie:

I fear that the EU sees the no vote as merely an obstacle to implementing exactly what the EU elites have wanted all along.

Yet when the Dutch voted no, too, I dared to express a small hope:

It should kill it. But who knows? The Euzis in Brussels aren't known for their devotion to democracy. The unwashed masses are so ignorant, don't you know?

The Euro elites quickly disabused me of that sliver of hope by denying that two "no" votes meant voters were voting no to Europe:

"I really believe the French and Dutch did not vote no to the constitutional treaty," insisted Jean-Claude Juncker, the "President" of "Europe"[.]

With a bonus "you have to pass it to find out what is in it" sentiment:

"It is not possible for anyone to understand the full text," declared Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

The EU didn't take too long to craft a new path that avoids pesky peasant voters interfering with the plans of their betters for a new and improved Europe.

Well, the EU couldn't avoid a vote in Ireland for that--which Ireland rejected--but even that wasn't a real obstacle. The beatings continued until voting improved.

And ten years later after that grand Euro experiment with democracy, here we are with Europe being built one onerous cheese regulation at a time while the unwashed masses are ignored:

And, as I've long written, we need to worry about the European Union being that potentially hostile power if it ever builds upon ever-expanding cheese regulations to become the real government of Europe, leaving national governments as mere executing bodies for EU power delegated to them.

Are you ready for Europe?

Trick question. Like Brussels even cares what you are or are not ready for!