Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Hillary Defense

Russia is invading Ukraine and has been since more than a year ago, but lacking a "smoking gun" the Russians continue to deny the obvious:

A separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine is revealing increasing evidence, but not yet conclusive legal proof, of Russian state involvement, senior United Nations human rights officials said on Monday.

"We are speaking about increasing inflow of (unofficial) fighters and increasing evidence that there are also some (Russian) servicemen involved in fighting," Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic told a news conference in Geneva.

Russia denies Western accusations that it is backing pro-Russian rebels with arms and troops.

No "legal proof." I see the Russians have adopted the Hillary Clinton defense:

As I said last week, the Clintons’ favorite way to lie is by telling the truth selectively. There are a lot of benefits to this oh-so-lawyerly technique. It sounds more plausible. It frustrates journalists. It comes in handy when your lies are exposed or you’re asked about them under oath. The downside is that when you use the truth to tell lies, you embed implied confessions in the silences. “There’s no smoking gun” isn’t a denial, it’s a passive-aggressive way of saying, “You’ll never catch me!”

The most frustrating thing about the failure to CSI: Donbas Putin's involvement in Ukraine is that this isn't a legal case in a court of law. We know Russia is invading a founding member of the UN, Ukraine; providing missiles that shot down a civilian airliner; and acting like SOBs who need to be slowed down.

So rather than look for evidence that Judge Judy would accept, just help the Ukrainians send those non-existent Russians back to Moscow in body bags.

And if the Russians complain? Tell them it would be impossible for us to be helping Ukrainians kill Russians since--as is well known--no Russian soldiers are fighting in Ukraine.

UPDATE: The subliminal invasion resumes:

Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian separatists on Wednesday fought their first serious battles in months and Ukraine's defense minister said an attempt by rebels to take the eastern town of Maryinka had been thwarted.

I can hardly wait for the Minsk III ceasefire! Because we can't prove a damn thing, right?