Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fund Them All, Let Allah Sort Them Out

I guess we now know why the administration has been peddling the line that a massive influx of money to Iran's mullahs will go to civilian needs and not significantly increase Iran's support for terror, mayhem, and regional dominance--the Obama administration discovered it can't lift sanctions narrowly on the nuclear issue.

Behold the Smart Diplomacy!

The Obama administration may have to backtrack on its promise that it will suspend only nuclear-related economic sanctions on Iran as part of an emerging nuclear agreement, officials and others involved in the process tell The Associated Press.

The problem derives from what was once a strong point of the broad U.S. sanctions effort that many credit with bringing Iran to the negotiating table in the first place.

The "interwoven" punishments for violating sanctions against dealing with Iran cannot be narrowly lifted to account for even a farcical Iranian pledge on nuclear weapons programs.

So soon the administration will just want to lift them all, arguing that it just doesn't matter.

You'd think that this type of information would have been compiled before we based plans on the assumptions we can lift sanctions narrowly.

Apparently the Iranians were right that sanctions have to come off quickly and completely. I guess they did their homework.

Once more, we have to pass a hugely complicated endeavor to find out what is in it. Ready, fire, aim.