Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Network of Death

Mad Minerva noted a bit back that chaos in the Middle East shows the falsity of the earlier left-wing claim that peace in the Middle East required the Palestinian issue to be resolved first--a position that President Obama once held. But the president already admitted as much.

Well, yeah (quoting Commentary magazine):

The Arab spring, civil war in Syria, the rise of ISIS, and the Iranian nuclear threat proved that the Palestinians had little or nothing to do with the most serious problems in the region. Indeed, by forcing Israel and the Saudis to cooperate against Iran with little attention being paid to the dead end peace process with the Palestinians, Obama has effectively debunked the core idea at the heart of his foreign policy.

Yeah, President Obama already told the Arab world that the Palestine-centric conflict with Israel distracts them from their real problems. As I commented in September 2014:

Holy Dissonance, Batman! The Arab conflict with Israel is a distraction from solving their problems at home?

Solving the Palestinian problem (which, oddly enough, isn't considered their self-destructive impulse to wage endless war and select scum to lead them) isn't the priority task to set the keystone of building a lasting peace in the Middle East that resolves all conflicts?


President Obama can learn, after all. By God, I am feeling a little bit of the hope we were promised.

And for bonus material, President Obama described an Axis Network of Evil Death we must fight:

And we'll find out whether his slavish followers can accept what the president has learned about the need to defeat that "Network of Death" that the president said has “access to technology that allows small groups to do great harm," and that "they have embraced a nightmarish vision that would divide the world into adherents and infidels, killing as many innocent civilians as possible, employing the most brutal methods.”

Ah, nuance. No word if the threat is considered "imminent."