Thursday, September 25, 2014

Somewhat Lower Than the First Problem, Now

Hey! Remember when the Left claimed that solving the Palestinian problem was the most important thing that must be done first to solve all other Middle East problems? Sure you do! That was one reason they said we shouldn't attack Saddam's Iraq. President Obama told the international community that he rejects that thinking.

Huh, what did President Obama say in his Wednesday speech to the UN?

On Wednesday, the second-term president went relatively easy on Israel, instead telling Arab countries to stop using the conflict “as an excuse to distract people from problems at home.”

Obama was stern in his instructions for the Muslims: “It is time for the world, especially in Muslim communities, to explicitly, forcefully and consistently reject the ideology of organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIL,” also known as the Islamic State. He went on at some length about the intolerance of clerics who preach hate and the “hypocrisy” of those who fund terrorism.

The president gave the world homework, instructing them to report back next year on “concrete steps that we have taken to counter extremist ideologies.” And he instructed Arab nations to “acknowledge the destruction wrought by proxy wars and terror campaigns between Sunni and Shia across the Middle East.”

Holy Dissonance, Batman! The Arab conflict with Israel is a distraction from solving their problems at home?

Solving the Palestinian problem (which, oddly enough, isn't considered their self-destructive impulse to wage endless war and select scum to lead them) isn't the priority task to set the keystone of building a lasting peace in the Middle East that resolves all conflicts?


President Obama can learn, after all. By God, I am feeling a little bit of the hope we were promised.

I guess we find out if President Obama has learned enough to change enough.

And we'll find out whether his slavish followers can accept what the president has learned about the need to defeat that "Network of Death" that the president said has “access to technology that allows small groups to do great harm," and that "they have embraced a nightmarish vision that would divide the world into adherents and infidels, killing as many innocent civilians as possible, employing the most brutal methods.”

Hey, it worked on Milbank (although old habits die hard, since he called the president a "man of peace" despite the record).

Maybe Code Pink will slap on the yellow ribbons, too.