Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Insensitivity on Display

President Obama used the "N-word" in an interview.

I'm not particularly horrified in the context. And that's his African-American privilege, I suppose.

Not that I use the word--and in case you think I'm using Hillary Clinton-level parsing of tense to hide past usage, I never have.

But what bothers me is that the president didn't have the sensitivity to consider the feelings of his fragile snowflake citizenry who might be traumatized.

Why didn't it occur to him to issue a trigger warning before proceeding with his word choice?

UPDATE: My bad. Newspeak has been revised. It is now "content warning" rather than trigger warning since the word "trigger" is content that could ... well ... "trigger" bad reactions.

How do the social justice worrier-types even go about their daily lives without walking on egg shells all the freaking time?

As you may have figured out, this post actually had nothing to do with our president.