Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bomb and Bomber

You'd think that the first block of instruction time for suicide bombers would be about not getting in to a fight while wearing a suicide vest--especially with a suicide bomber also wearing a vest.

Behold the stupid:

In Pakistan there was an increasingly common event involving Islamic terrorists; another case of those seeking to carry out a suicide bombing attack instead destroying themselves because of incompetence. In this case police investigators found that two men sitting on a park bench were seen arguing with each other. The two then started punching each other and shortly after that they both exploded. The two dead men were wearing suicide bomb vests and police have still not found out who they were working for or what their target was.

Stop obsessing over the quality of our local allies who we want to fight jihadi terrorists. These allies don't have to beat anybody's A team. They have to beat these jokers.

Our enemies are evil and persistent, but not particularly bright in many cases. So work the problems to get our allies into the fight to win.