Monday, September 23, 2013

The Odd Case of the EU Supporting Freedom

Russia will not rest until they reconquer Ukraine.

When the Soviet Union was around, the Ukraine may have had its own UN seat, but Moscow never doubted that they owned the place.

Russia doesn't like it when Ukraine acts like they are actually independent of Moscow:

A top Russian official has warned Ukraine against signing a landmark trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union, saying Moscow would retaliate with trade restrictions that could push this ex-Soviet republic toward default.

Russia won't rest until they regain control of Ukraine. Kiev would be wise to pull as far away from Moscow as they can while Russia is militarily weak, or the day will come when Russian helpful advice is backed by armored columns and a fifth column that will invite the Russians in.

I wonder if Ukraine regrets giving up the nukes they inherited when the Soviet Union fell apart?

I may not think much of the EU (you may have to read between the lines in some posts), but the Soviet Union Lite is surely better for Ukrainians than Classic Soviet Union.