Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Charlie Brown Goes to the UN ...

... and tries to meet Lucy:

Senior administration officials came to pool hold around 2:45pm to say that the White House had offered to have "an encounter" on the sidelines of UNGA with Iranian President Rouhani, but the Iranians informed the US today that it is "too complicated for Iranians to do at this point."

Iran says that the nuclear issue must be resolved by talking. President Obama offers to talk to Rouhani about nukes. And Iran doesn't even consider it worthwhile to talk to our president when finally asked in a high-level forum.

This seems so familiar.

Which, while fairly humiliating, is probably the best outcome since talking to Iran serves only to buy time for Iran to go nuclear, weaken sanctions, and make military threats less credible.

The most stupid diplomacy extant.

Pretty soon nobody will think it worthwhile to talk to us. Why bother when they can just push us around and get what they want?