Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Germany

The Germans have joined the movie fray. What the heck, Islamist rioters in Sudan who targetted the German embassy already demonstrated that opposing the Iraq War gets you no credit in the Islamist world. We all think alike to them.

Anyway, welcome Germany!

A German satirical magazine has entered the row over an anti-Islam Internet video made in the United States and the publication by a French weekly of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Titanic presented the front page of its October edition showing a photo montage of Bettina Wulff -- wife of former German president Christian Wulff -- being embraced by a Muslim fighter wearing a turban and brandishing a dagger.

The headline says: "West Rises Up: Bettina Wulff Makes Film About Mohammed."

The magazine, which prints 100,000 copies a month, comes out on September 28.

Editor Leo Fischer said in an interview with weekly Der Spiegel: "Now Mohammed is on everybody's lips and we are reacting."

I see no need to go out of my way to insult Islam. That's just collateral damage when the real targets are the jihadis and their Islamist fanboys.

But when the reaction to an insult is an attempt to compromise our freedom of speech, mere politness drops off my radar completely.