Saturday, May 28, 2016

When Fake But Accurate Goes Huge

At some level I find this complaint that Trump has killed the interview rather humorous:

In dismissing logic and consistency for pure emotion, Trump has created a powerful reality-distortion field in both politics and journalism. The field doesn’t actually permit Trump to “get away with” lying in interviews: If you query his supporters, most will concede their man’s many fibs. In their minds, though, the “truth” matters less than what’s in Trump’s heart. It’s not that truth and fact don’t matter to them—it’s that truth and facts don’t matter enough to affect whether you want to vote for him. In an environment in which political success is almost totally detached from information, the “truth-finding” interview is becoming one of the first casualties.

Ah yes, truth matters less than what is in the heart. Savor that.

The "fake but accurate" crowd on the Left set the rules that dismissed truth as secondary to the mission, and now they are upset that Trump is winning the game using those rules.

And the reprehensible Katie Couric's entry for this year's Dan Rather Award is part of that partisan hackery masquerading as journalism that the Left has championed and celebrated when it worked for them.

So congratulations to those on the Left for getting in Trump what you wished--good and hard. I spare a moment in my stream of despair to laugh at those on the Left who wrote the rules.

The problem is that I dislike the crooks and communists who hate Trump--to the point of rioting over their fear that he will promote violence--more than I dislike Trump, who is clearly a clown (excuse me, a "Clown-American") but at least not a crook or communist.

Which might be "meta," or something. I don't know. Consult a philosophy major on that.

God help us all. I guess I'll just have to lie back and think of 2020.