Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Donald Trump announced the debut of his 16-month infomercial for Brand Trump.

Not since Caligula considered his horse for the Roman senate have we seen such a political spectacle as this:

Donald Trump, the reality TV and real estate impresario, descended a golden escalator in a building that bears his name to announce that this time, he actually is running for president.

“I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” he said in a speech Tuesday, declaring that the United States has become a “laughingstock all over the world.”

What the heck? We're the laughingstock now? Perhaps it is that bad. I hope not. But is the solution to bounce the rubble after President Obama's alpha strike against our reputation?

Republicans should be ashamed to take this Clown American (I'm not sure how he self-identifies, but he's a clown) seriously.

Let me remind these fellow conservatives swooning over the Donald of a basic fact that they may be overlooking: This is freaking Donald Trump we're talking about!

Of course, I think Democrats should be ashamed to consider seriously Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

But Trump doesn't want to be president. This is advertising for Brand Trump. Perhaps because a sex change has been done already.

Don't buy what he's selling. Trump's campaign will be as real as one of his reality shows.

UPDATE: Yes, Trump could be a serious problem for the Republican candidate (as Ross Perot was by providing a holding pen for voters unhappy with Bush 41 but not quite ready to vote for Bill Clinton).

But acting as if a clown isn't actually a clown--albeit a very rich clown--isn't the way to undermine that potential threat.

Now this is speaking truth to clown:

Donald Trump may be the man America needs. Having been through four bankruptcies, the ridiculous buffoon with the worst taste since Caligula is uniquely positioned to lead the most indebted organization in the history of the human race.

And this is priceless:

On the substance, Trump is — how to put it gently? Oh, why bother! — an ass. Not just an ass, but an ass of exceptionally intense asininity.

Let the mockery begin. Let a candidate spout nonsense on policy but act like it isn't nonsense and you get the Bernie Sanders boomlet.

I suspect Trump will spend very little of his own money. But if you want to donate, he'll spend that happily to bolster Brand Trump.