Wednesday, March 09, 2016

It's Come to This

If I have to choose between a clown on the one hand--who until moments ago was a liberal--or either a crook or a communist on the other hand for president, I guess I have to go with clown as the choice likely to do the least amount of damage to our country until their term of office expires.

Our political elites have screwed up their jobs enough that these candidates appeal to a lot of people as the best choices.

I feel like I'm on crazy pills.

The "best and brightest" strike again.

Although I will say that I believe it is premature to crown Trump or to write of the demise of the Republican Party. The media knows so little about things I know a lot about. Why should I grant them authority on this?

Time is running out in the primary races, but there is still time given the delegate counts and  selection rules. Remember, the primaries are meant to select the candidate, no matter how tough the fight is, and not to anoint whoever tops the average of polling on March 1st.

So I have real hope--and not just the "perhaps the horse will sing" kind of desperate hope--that the choice will not necessarily be the one as I've framed it.

UPDATE: I'll say it again, I understand--and share--the frustration of Trump's supporters (tip to Instapundit), if not who they have pinned their hopes on:

My Republican friends are for Trump. My state representative is for Trump. People who haven't voted in years are for Trump. He'll win the primary here on March 15 and he will carry this county in the general.

His supporters realize he's a joke. They do not care. They know he's authoritarian, nationalist, almost un-American, and they love him anyway, because he disrupts a broken political process and beats establishment candidates who've long ignored their interests.

When you're earning $32,000 a year and haven't had a decent vacation in over a decade, it doesn't matter who Trump appoints to the U.N., or if he poisons America's standing in the world, you just want to win again, whoever the victim, whatever the price.

What I don't understand is how a freaking socialist could be the choice of so many Americans.

What I don't understand is how a corrupt politician who lies as easily as she breathes could be the choice of so many Americans.

This is no joke, however. Somebody will lead us and these are the people have have put in the lead at this point in time.

Ah well. We're a great enough country to endure any of these people for four years.

As long as we realize we have to cope by isolating the scoundrel we select to minimize the damage that president could do rather than embrace them and their policies.