Monday, March 07, 2016

And for Best Soap Opera

The 2016 Oscars cracked me up.

Not that I watched. Who really cares?

But the spectacle of left-wing Hollywood being pilloried by the Oscar show's host for racism; and then seeing the apparently racist, left-wing audience enthusiastically applaud Democratic Vice President Biden for highlighting the problem of sexual assault when the husband of the leading Democratic candidate for the presidency could benefit from a private showing of the anti-sexual assault Lady Gaga song (she should bring bodyguards, however) is fairly amazing.

Oh yeah, there's this, too, on that front in the war on women girls. Protect your own. We're well past "one free grope" territory.

Shades of Ted Kennedy worship, perhaps.

For yucks, here's a funny one for the far left here:

The former secretary of state dominated in Louisiana, a state with a substantial African-American vote.

Sanders did well in [Kansas and Nebraska] in part because of their large white populations, a demographic with which he does well.

Can you imagine the media's extensive--and damning--explanation of a similar voter appeal demographic if the candidate in question was a Republican rather than a socialist?