Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dumber than Trump

Sure, Donald Trump is wrong to say that Islam hates us. But seven years into an age of not-Bush, post-Cairo outreach speech, and general hope and change, why is whether we are at war with Islam even a question that needs asking?

Yes, Trump has a point that "a lot of them" do hate us, as he backtracked his initial answer to the question of whether we are at war with Islam. But the question itself fails to understand that the war on terror is fundamentally a civil war within Islam to define Islam.

I know a lot of liberals here say the jihadis don't represent "real" Islam, but if the jihadis win this civil war, what non-Moslem American liberals think Islam really is really won't matter.

Many Moslems fight on our side of this civil war every day around the world. The jihadi faction must not be allowed to win this civil war because that faction does hate us--and wrongly blames the West for all of the Islamic world's problems.

So we must kill jihadis in the short run both to protect ourselves and to shield those Moslems within the Islamic world who would--in the long run--push a reformation of Islam that separates mosque and state or who at least don't back the jihadi-defined version of Islam.

But I have a question: why did this question to Trump even get asked?

Shouldn't the mere election of President Hussein Obama have healed the wounds between America and the Islamic world? Didn't the president, who spent years living in Indonesia which built his street cred in the Moslem world, give an "outreach" speech to the Islamic world in Cairo early in his first term to make sure this obscure election fact did not go unnoticed?

Yet still a lot of Moslems still hate us and try to kill us?

We left Iraq on Obama's orders and yet jihadis flocked there in greater numbers than when Bush was president, and carved out a province of their proto-Islamic State.

We have fewer troops in Afghanistan now under Obama than under Bush, and jihadis still flock there.

We stayed out of Syria for years under Obama, leaving the dictator in power, and yet jihadis flocked to Syria and now control parts of Syria.

We stayed out of Libya after Obama led the war to get rid of the dictator, and yet jihadis now control parts of Libya.

And jihadis are on the rise in Africa and are active in Europe and America.

How can this be?

Even if jihadi anger is all the fault of our liberation of Iraq in 2003 under Bush (and approved by Congress--including a Democratic-controlled Senate)--somehow bending time to include the planning of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that started during the Clinton administration--shouldn't more than 7 years of the soothing balms of hope and change have fixed all that?

It's almost like a whole lot of people who blame us when they ponder "why do they hate us?" are even more clueless than Trump on this issue.

I really don't get nuance.

UPDATE: Speaking of dumber than Trump, why is it mostly Trump's fault that a bunch of usual left wing suspects invade a pending Trump rally for the purpose of disrupting it, causing a near-riot?

And why are Republicans--who have been the targets of this logic from the Democratic smear machine--blaming Trump for lefty hooligans who don't understand that free speech must protect even what Trump says or it isn't free--it's just what hooligans allow?

If there is a God, Cruz will get on a roll and end this nightmare.

UPDATE: You thought I was joking when I said the people behind the assault on free speech anti-Trump movement in Chicago are the usual suspects of left-wing scum? (Via the Instapundit Borg)

The usual suspects of local radical leftists were instrumental in organizing the anti-Trump rally protest in Chicago on Friday.

Peruse the list starting with ANSWER, the communist group active in organizing any protest from the Iraq War to Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter, and now the anti-Trump Left.

These communist groups try to organize popular fronts that draw in ordinary people to give their pathetic little band of trust fund revolutionaries the numbers to look like a real movement. As the vanguard of this "proletariat" movement, they will lead it to power. It's sad. But that's what they keep trying to do.

And the media covers for these totalitarian scum time after time. Like now:

College students, civil rights activists and other opponents of Donald Trump's Republican presidential candidacy tried again to disrupt his events on Saturday after shutting down his rally a day earlier in Chicago.

Just ordinary people! No mention of the communists--who are as bad as the Ku Klux Klan that Trump was asked to denounce--who are actually organizing the Chicago movement.

You wonder why I don't trust the media even as I rely on it for news? You just have to understand what is unreported.