Friday, March 25, 2016

We All Look Alike to Them

How alien is our military to our professors in the educational-industrial complex?

This alien:

Heidi Czierwic, an English professor at the University of North Dakota, was in her office when she saw two individuals walking near her window wearing camouflage and toting what appeared to her to be guns.

The panicked professor scurried to her Safe Space — which in this case was under her desk — and proceeded to call 911.

She saw a couple ROTC students carrying fake or disabled weapons on campus.

But all she saw was camouflage--which she associated with crazed gunmen.

If she had any familiarity at all with our military, she might have noted that they were in full uniform.

Crazed gunmen may wear some camo gear, but they are rarely in a full uniform with proper patches, insignia, and whatnot, properly worn.

But that's our campus culture. I was once called a fascist as I stood in my Guard uniform waiting for a bus on campus at the University of Michigan. A passenger in a car saw camo and made a snap judgment. Not "defender of our nation and freedoms," but "fascist."

You can't defend the decent people without also defending the twits. I suppose that's the opposite of collateral damage.

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