Friday, March 04, 2016

Miley Cyrus Should Ponder Her Flight Response

It would be easy to mock Miley Cyrus for her declaration that she'd leave America if Trump wins the presidency. But she has gotten close to a real point if she'd ponder the implications of her fear: the federal government has too much power over our lives.

So yeah, Cyrus' vow to leave is empty. Leftists always make the threat and never carry it out. If only, as the easy mockery would have it. Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on your way out. Buh bye.

But she has a point that I've made many times. The federal government is too big.

Mad about who might be president?

Mad about how much money is involved in politics?

Mad about the divisive and vicious nature of national politics these days?

The answer to solving these problems is to reduce the scope and power of the federal government.

If the states and local governments had supremacy in many areas that the federal government has usurped over the decades, the stakes of controlling the federal government--whether the executive, legislative, or judicial--would drop dramatically.

It is only because the stakes are so high that we fight so much for control of the national government. If you don't fight hard, people from far away have the power to determine how your daily life goes.

Fighting over money, for example, is a futile attempt to treat the symptoms of a high-stakes battle for control. Rule out some ways of spending on politics, and lawyers for people with money to spend figure out new ways for money to work--and so we have the Clinton Foundation, for example.

If the federal government had less power because states had more power about local matters, or because local governments had more power, who would get worked up over what someone else far away in their state or locality does?

From California, what do you care if Tennessee arms their citizens? Let them screw it up.

If you are from Tennessee, let California enjoy their green energy brown-outs. It doesn't affect you.

Heck, maybe states can become the laboratories of democracy again, and we'll learn something from other states' successes and failures.

And yes, some problems fall between national and state issues. That's why states enter inter-state compacts to confront regional issues. The federal government doesn't need to get involved in these issues.

So let's attack the real problem for Miley's despair--the federal government is too damn big and should scale back to truly national issues that only the national government can do.

That way, the selection of a clown, a crook, or a communist becomes far less important.


UPDATE: Seriously, why are school lunch menus a federal issue? Do we have so few national and international problems these days that Washington, D.C. can turn its unblinking eye on this local issue?