Friday, March 04, 2016

Maybe Hong Kong Can Get Help from the Next Administration

Should America back Britain in defense of Hong Kong's surviving liberties? Sure we should. But given that the Obama administration threw Britain under the bus over the Falklands, what are the odds of Hong Kong getting us to defend their liberties not scheduled to end for a few more decades under the treaty between Britain and China?

Nice thought (tip to Instapundit):

Now that Great Britain has said the treaty is breached, the United States must go beyond its February 1 expression of “deep concern” over Lee and the fate of the other [Hong Kong] men.

Yeah, the wishes of Falkland Islanders didn't seem too important to the Obama administration. I doubt Britain can expect much help for this for the next year, anyway.

UPDATE: "Shut up," Peking explained:

China's third-ranked Communist Party leader Zhang Dejiang said Hong Kong shouldn't "politicize everything" and should instead focus on integrating its economy with China's, according to members of China's parliament who met with him on Sunday.

China's communist rulers want you to believe freedom and democracy aren't "Asian values." Hong Kong's protesters are part of a growing list of people in the region who demonstrate that the claim is just a convenient excuse for Peking to run everything.