Wednesday, March 02, 2016

War is Very Interested in You

As a rule, Europeans haven't been terribly eager to fight jihadis "over there" in foreign countries at the side of American forces. Now the Europeans get to fight the battle "over here" in their own countries.

The war on terror is very interested in Norwegians:

“In response to the infidel group Soldiers of Odin patrols, we Muslims have chosen to create a group that will patrol the streets, first in Oslo, to prevent evil and encourage the good,” a source within the Islamist environment told VG.

The group is officially calling itself Jundullaah, translated to English as ‘Soldiers of Allah’ or Norwegian as ‘Allaahs soldater’.

Norwegians had organized in response to Moslem migrants and refugees not behaving as one might like them to behave if you lived in Norway.

So now the war comes to Norway's streets.