Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Always the Backlash--Never the Lash

Why do so many sophisticated people instantly worry about a backlash against Moslems when Moslem terrorists kill innocent people?

“The scariest thing about Brussels is our reaction to it,” says respected British journalist and commentator and former editor of the (London) Times, Simon Jenkins.


You don't have to be a supporter of rounding up all Moslems and deporting or imprisoning them to think that a reaction that targets the jihadis, their supporters, and the climate of hate that breeds them is the proper response to terrorism rather than the "scariest thing" about the terrorism.

I'll say it again, given that jihadis kill far more Moslems than they kill non-Moslems, it is hardly anti-Moslem to be determined to kill the killers before they kill innocent people.

The scariest thing about Brussels is the reaction of people like Simon Jenkins. These people never get worked up over the ongoing lash--just about the potential backlash that never seems to arrive.