Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Have I mentioned that I really despise Windows 10?

Oh, it looks fine. And functions fine.

But it doesn't function fine as much as it should.

First, Internet Explorer crashes more often. Sure, the system helpfully tells me that they are searching for a solution.

But that reassurance at this point is as comforting as OJ Simpson's pledge to find the "real killer" that he was acquitted of being oh so many years ago.

What really gets me, however, is the black screen.

Sometimes I get a warning that my memory is full and I have seconds to bookmark an open website I don't want to lose before the screen goes black.

Just now it simply went black. So I had to turn my computer off and restart--losing any open tabs.

So you know, your loss on my priceless bits of wisdom that will go unwritten for now.

And unlike the old IE, my computer doesn't allow me to reopen a past session that closed unexpectedly.

So really, kudos on the free improvement on my operating system. You get what you pay for.