Friday, September 07, 2012

The Choice is Clear

With President Obama now officially the Democratic nominee, I can without reservation say that I think he needs to go in January. I say this with no hesitation. I hoped--despite my reservations--that I would not have such a clear choice, as I wrote when Barack Obama won the presidency:

And since my first impulse is country first, I hope that in 2012 that American security and economic health will be strong enough that Americans will want to reward Obama by re-electing him. I will not wish for failure in America the next four years. I am worried that he is not up to the task, but I wish the new president well.

I remain proud that my country voted for an African American for president. My disappointment that Barack Obama is the African American to have that honor is greater.

As an aside, I underestimated the ease of winning that Nobel Peace Prize.

Whoever wins will be my president. But I hope a majority of Americans want to make a change this year for the good of our country. Remember, it isn't just that he hasn't helped our economy. It's that he is foolish to think anyone is smart enough and has enough knowledge to guide our economy.

President Obama has not earned the honor of a second term as the President of the United States. He is not up to the task.