Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Collateral Damage

It is annoying that China continues to support their little psycho pet North Korea as it threatens nuclear war (when the finally get nuclear weapons) against South Korea, Japan, and America. But it must really grate on Chinese nerves that they can't complain too much about American and Japanese missile defense plans aimed at Pyongyang but equally useful against Peking.

Japan and America will improve missile defenses in the region by increasing Japan's naval capabilities to contribute to missile defense:

While both sides insist the system is not aimed at China, analysts say the decision is bound to anger Beijing. ...

"[It] will enhance the alliance's ability to defend Japan, our forward deployed forces and the US homeland from a ballistic missile threat posed by North Korea," Mr Panetta said.

Hey, China, maybe if you put down that rabid little dog you'd have more credibility in your anger.

Not that China cares much about credibility these days. Increasingly, they see all their wants and desires as core interests, don't they?