Sunday, September 30, 2012

And I Love Freedom

If it was just a rally to protest (peacefully) disrespect for their religion, I'd have been fine with this protest. Moslems in America are free to be upset with something they think insults their religion.

But when they call for blasphemy laws to shield their fragile faith, I draw the line. I love freedom. The First Amendment has no carve out for the Easily Excitable.

But the protesters had best hope that their perhaps more religious brethren in the Old Country don't see their poster:

But hey, what's that in the upper right hand corner? Is that the Playboy Bunny symbol?

The jihadis back home aren't too forgiving. They've gotten upset for less than that kind of faux pas.

If I was an organizer of the rally, I'd keep a low profile for a while.