Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aero-Space Force

The Air Force needs to let the Army pick up ground support and recon as much as possible (in permissive environments where the enemy cannot contest drones and helicopters) and migrate to space where the Army cannot operate.

The X-37B is going back to space:

The X-37B is slated for its third launch in October, the Air Force said, but like its two orbital predecessors, the mission of the unmanned spacecraft remains shrouded in secrecy. The exact timing of the October spaceflight, dubbed Orbital Test Vechicle-3 or OTV-3, is also tentative.

This mini-shuttle isn't an operational asset. But it could lead to a lot more space capabilities.

The Air Force should aim high.

If the Air Force can't stand to abandon a competition with the Army for the airspace over Army units, consider that most science fiction calls a space military force a Space Navy. Now there's a competition the Air Force shouldn't want to lose.

The Air Force needs to become the United States Aero-Space Force.