Sunday, March 04, 2018

This Might Explain a Lot

If beer and scantily clad women can't get America to embrace soccer, what can Russia do to encourage people to enjoy the sport?


Soccer fans will not only be allowed to bring drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin to Russia for the World Cup, they may even be able to bring them into stadiums, as detailed in a Moscow Times report.

That might be the only way I could sit through a game.

As long as you have the "necessary medical paperwork," of course. How on Earth could you get something like that in Russia?

Still, this embrace of drug use in Russia might explain the unusually aggressive nuclear weapons speech that Putin delivered recently.

Soccer popularity remains fairly low in America and will despite hot women, beer, and whatever drugs are "medically necessary."

The 8-minute clip at this post is well worth your effort to click to for an explanation of why that is so. I still cry with laughter watching it. That's the one thing I'm looking forward to in the World Cup in Russia.