Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Act Like It Could Be True

Whether or not Russian subs stalked our naval bases undetected, we should assume it could be true.

The Russians claim their submarines got close to American naval bases undetected:

Russian nuclear attack submarines conducted a mission where they approached U.S. military bases with the intent of staying undetected, a Russian military official told Russian state-owned media. ...

[Russian navy submarine officer Sergey] Starshinov claimed Russian submarines came “close enough” to American shores and were “undetected,” but did not infringe on U.S. maritime borders.

I don't know if this claim is true. It could be sheer propaganda. But I know I worry that we act as if it couldn't be true.

Although I can't rule out the possibility that one of our nuclear attack subs stalked them and the Russians don't know it. Which would mean we should let the Russians think they counted coup on us.