Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy

The nuanced, big-brained set says we should just accept decline and comfort ourselves that the rules we wrote will simply be defended (and paid for) by another rising power.

Nonsense. Just because other states attempt to prosper under the global rules we wrote to benefit us doesn't mean that they won't rewrite the rules to reflect their interests if they can:

[International] order is not an evolution; it is an imposition. It is the domination of one vision over others—in America's case, the domination of free-market and democratic principles, together with an international system that supports them. The present order will last only as long as those who favor it and benefit from it retain the will and capacity to defend it.

Perhaps we can't afford to defend the global system we created. Perhaps we just won't defend it. But don't pretend that it doesn't matter if we defend it and that we will still happily enjoy the benefits of the system we built without the worry of defending it.