Friday, November 11, 2011

Run While EU Can!

Instapundit notes this fun EU legal theory:

On Sept. 29, European parliamentarians adopted a resolution calling for next June's United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro to demand that all nations adhere to the "principle of non-regression." In a nutshell, the claim is that international law forbids nations to amend or repeal laws designed to protect the environment.

It's an old concept. For the old Soviet Union, it was called the Brezhnev Doctrine. Once you go Red, you can't go back. This one says once you go Green, you can't go back. You might possibly think this is Ok. But it shows you that for the EU elite, democracy is a means and not an end. If you freely give them one law that they like--you aren't free to amend it or revoke it. Kind of like joining the EU. They just make sure you keep voting until Brussels gets the result they want. And then voting stops for good.

European states need to take advantage of the euro crisis to run away now, while they still can. Now it is a Brezhnev Doctrine for Green laws. Next it will be for EU membership itself.