Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Progressive Mind Meld

I ghost wrote for a couple decades for Michigan legislators. Rule one is never take credit from your bosses even when everyone knows your boss didn't write it. I got my recognition every two weeks. One of the president's speech writers is begging for a lot of time off.

The left absolutely swooned over the president's inauguration speech. The writer wants you to know that he crafted every knee-weakening moment:

A BINDER FULL OF SPEECHES: Jon Favreau takes credit for Obama’s inaugural speech.

To be fair, it's not like that speech isn't 100% Obama. President Obama did say that Favreau was his "mind reader."

I'm not wise in the ways of New Age practices, but if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I guess I can accept this is the route to the mind.

Seriously, what is Favreau thinking by trying to grab the glory? I wrote a lot of things I was very proud of. But there was no credit. There was rarely any thanks involved. Other than every two weeks, as I said.

I scored it a success to be in committee when a veterans group leader testifying on a defense-related matter commended the legislator for how well written the document on the agenda was. I could lip read the legislator make an aside to his colleague, "As if I could have written that."

That was about the height of recognition a ghost writer can expect and Favreau treads on dangerous ground if he thinks he is uniquely able to spew out words that enthrall the left. Shoot, he could be replaced by a computer program if this is any indication.

NOTE: Ah, now it makes more sense. I read the article in full and Favreau says that he is done writing speeches "inside the White House." If you are going out anyway ...