Sunday, May 29, 2016

Less Bridging, More Crushing

We did not get the Hiroshima speech I wanted. But at least there was no presidential apology in the speech (although the errors in the casual supporting statements--the EU brought peace to Europe? Really?--alone justify a fisking).

How do you know they are an evil regime? Build a bridge out of them?

I would like to correct this error in logic (in a speech prior to the main event), however, that indicates problems with this president drawing historical lessons from the atomic bombings:

Prior to his Hiroshima visit on Friday, Obama met with Japanese and US troops at Iwakuni air station and said the visit was a reaffirmation of "the great alliance" between Japan and the United States.

"This is an opportunity to honor the memory of all who were lost in WWII," he told the troops. "It's a testament to how even the most painful divides can be bridged. How two nations can become not just partners but the best of friends."

We did not "bridge" the differences between democratic and free America on the one hand and militaristic, authoritarian, aggressive, and cruel Japan on the other.

No, we crushed that Japanese regime, leaving no doubt in anyone's minds that the defeat was complete and total by stripping them of their conquests; ripped out the evil elements of the government and society; and redesigned Japan as a country worthy of being our partner and best friend.

There was no "responsibly ending" that war.

There was victory.

And then real friendship with a free, prosperous, and democratic Japan that is worthy of being a member of "the West."

So no, modern Japan is not the proof of the wisdom of reaching out to enemies like Iran, the Taliban, and Cuba and pretending these thugs can be our friends if only we can bridge our differences.

But no, we have a president wise in the ways of history in search of his own Holy Grail.