Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why, Indeed

Since the Boston bombers are Moslem rather than Tea Partiers, it is time for all Sensitive Americans to engage in another round of "why do they hate us?"

Let's go to the parents, shall we?

The parents of the two main suspects in the Boston bombings said on Thursday their sons had been framed and accused U.S. authorities of killing the older brother to put on a display.

Right away they are in trouble. In the age of George W. Bush, history professors across our country would be wondering the same thing. But now under the new hopey era of change? How can it be that President Obama appears more evil than Dick Cheney?

I'd give a grieving mother a little slack, but she took it all the slack I have and then hung herself. Let's just listen to the mom:

Why did we need to kill him? America failed to protect her sons? America took her kids away from her?

Her kids cruelly killed four Americans. Why? Her religion radicalized her kids despite the warm embrace her children received here, where they went to good schools, got scholarships, attended college, played sports, started a family, and received welfare support. Why? How's that for protecting her kids? Her religion gave her kids a twisted version of Islam that led them to kill our people. Our people were the ones not safe around her boys. Only in Islamo-fascism.

The mother is a piece of work. I'll say I agree that I regret her family came to America.

Oh, and guess what? The mom is on a terrorist watch list, too! Fancy that.

But this is a very good illustration of the futility of the self-flagellating question of "why do they hate us?" as if we did something to deserve their murderous rage. We gave her family asylum. We gave them public money. We allowed them opportunities to succeed. And what did they do? They bombed us. Yet despite all that, the parents still manage to blame us for their children's crime and their one son's death.

Oh, and we get into the bonus points round by noting that Russia has brutalized Chechnya--not America. And the Russians don't seem to like America much. Yet somehow the bombers decided to kill Americans rather than Russians? If you can't kill the ones you hate, hate the ones you can kill?

That parental performance, my friends, is as good an illustration as anything about why this is a long war. Until the Moslem world can clean up its society so that what we did for this family and those bombers in particular is seen as a kindness and a gift to take advantage of the opportunities of our society rather than an excuse to kill us, we need to hunt the jihadis and kill them like dogs.

So don't talk to me about drone strikes "causing" Moslems to become jihadis. Giving them scholarships and cash does the same thing, it seems. Whatever we do or don't do is a reason to kill us, and the sooner we realize that killing jihadis and otherwise taking them off the streets is the only response to their sickness, the better. Why do they hate us? Give me a break. No, why do they hate?

And more to the point, why do we hate us? Why are we so eager to justify their murderous rages?

I'm not playing this guilt game of "understanding" their rage:

As long as our jihadi enemies are trying to kill us my desire to "understand" them extends only as far as understanding where they are so we can kill them faster. The only good jihadi is a dead jihadi, to borrow a concept, and any jihadi left living this year is just one more to kill next year.

Screw 'em.