Saturday, May 03, 2008

Getting What We Deserve?

Dom M. emailed me to highlight this Mark Steyn piece, where Steyn wrote:

In the case of an enfeebled West at twilight, the fault is wholly in us. After Sept. 11, 2001, many agonized progressives looked at America and its allies' relations with the Muslim world and argued that we need to ask ourselves: why do they hate us? As Brian Dunn, a Michigan blogger, put it, a more relevant question is: why do we hate us? After all, if all our institutions, from grade school to public broadcasting to Hollywood movies to Canadian "human rights" commissars, operate from the basic assumption that Western civilization is the font of racism, imperialism, oppression, exploitation and all the other ills of the world, why be surprised that the rest of humanity takes us at our word?

Well I'll be ...

Steyn was referring to this piece, where I once again expressed my amazement at the ability of some Westerners to hate our culture. Really, I don't blame our enemies for hating us. They are slime. Why wouldn't they hate us? But honestly, can't we in the West appreciate what we have and have the backbone to defend it?

Honestly, if we were a unified society proud of our achievements and what we represent, I really wouldn't worry about a bunch of pathetic cave dwellers who fantasize about destroying the West. We'd butcher them before lunch and be on with our lives.

But the sad fact is, many in the West would kneel before their beheaders and feel privileged to be killed by the jihadis.

I think that we will prevail before our Guilty Americans and their fellow travelers in the Western world can surrender in our name. But that confidence is based in part on the knowledge that writers such as Steyn are out their pointing out our suicidal tendencies.

And on a more selfish note, when I go on my annual Toronto pub crawl, this reference will impress the Canadian babes, right?