Monday, April 28, 2008

But They're Such Polite Fascists!

Mark Steyn took out the family-size can of whup-ass and used it on his Canadian tormenters in the "human rights" industry up north:

Well, look, the defenders of the present "human rights" regime started this whole free-speech-leads-to-the-Holocaust line. I'm not saying that Canada's thought-crime enforcers are planning to murder millions of people, only that (as Jennifer Lynch might put it) history has shown us that extraordinary government powers in the name of "reasonable limits" often lead to hurtful actions that undermine freedom and have led to unspeakable crimes. Whether or not I'm the new Fuehrer and Maclean's is Mein Kampf, Commissars Lynch and Hall are either intentionally inverting the historical record or, to be charitable, simply ignorant. But, if it's the latter, why should they have extraordinary powers to regulate public discourse?

I don't have as low an opinion of Canadians as Barbara Hall and Jennifer Lynch do. I don't believe your liberty is the conditional discretionary gift of hack bureaucrats advised by Marxist theorists. You defeat bad ideas — whether Nazism, Marxism, jihadism, Steynism or Trudeaupian pseudo-"human rights" mumbo-jumbo — in the bracing air and light of day, in vigorous open debate, not in the fetid corridors of power policed by ahistorical nitwits.

This excerpt does not do justice to it. Go read it all.

And while you laugh at Steyn's turn of phrase, remember that this is no laughing matter. These are proto-commissars Steyn is talking about, needing only their own supreme leader to provide them the means of enforcing their dictates by whatever means necessary.

Ever since 9/11, some of us have asked "why do they hate us?" We really need to ask why some of us hate us.